Very simply, true hypoglycemia is a state of low blood sugar (FASTING glucose levels). The CAUSES are bad dietary habits, bad adrenal gland function from too much stress, hypothyroidism (low thyroid) which is secondary to many illnesses in the body, drug reactions, and growths or tumors.

(1) irritability or shakiness and lightheadedness if meals are late or missed.
(2) sweet cravings
(3) fatigue
(4) memory loss and fogginess
(5) lethargy
(6) headaches

IMPORTANT: Hypoglycemia is an entirely manageable condition that can controlled (usually completely eliminated) with discipline, diet, and exercise combined with a stress reduction lifestyle.

If you have wondered if chiropractic nutritional approaches can help you, see a chiropractor or chiropractors. Better yet, see a chiropractic neurologist such as myself, Dr. Scott Brown.

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In a former life, I was the official chiropractic neurologist for the Tampa Bay Mutiny (Major League Soccer Team), the Tampa Bay Rowdies (original U.S. soccer league team), the Bay Ballet, the Tampa Ballet TheatrerCompany, and the Sunshine State Games. I began my career with athletes when a patient of mine, who was the athletic  trainer for the Rowdies soccer team (0 and 4 record at the time),  came to me and asked if I could help two star players who were out with injuries. One player, a Nigerian forward, was disabled due to a chronic hamstring injury while the other, a French midfielder, was disabled after failed back surgery. Within two weeks of brain based therapy, both players were playing full time and didn’t miss another game (the French player went on to become a chiropractor). The Rowdies won all the rest of their regular season games except one and then played in the NASL championship game (they lost to the Colorado Foxes 2-1 but not because of injuries).

Question: Do you think that professional sports  teams and world class athletes seek chiropractors for neck and back pain? The answer is – not really. Athletes, for the most part, accept  pain as part of the territory. Athletes seek chiropractic neurology for brain based therapeutics resulting in PEAK PERFORMANCE, the edge. Faster sprint times, improved accuracy, faster reaction times, improved coordination, better and quicker decision making, improved reflexes, greater symmetry between the muscles of both sides of the body, faster healing times, etc. – this is how Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Joe Montana, Lance Armstrong, Jerry Rice, etc. extended their champion careers with chiropractic.

Average Joe doesn’t know what these elite athletes know. Therefore, typically Joe will seek chiropractic only as a substitute for pain masking drugs and  will not take advantage of the powerful performance enhancing effects of chiropractic. The tragedy is that the same maximum performance treatment that Michael Jordan gets is available to average Joe. He/she could increase total human function resulting in more energy, better memory, fewer sick days, faster promotions, etc.. Average Joe may not notice 1/4 second off his 100 yard dash but he will notice the life enhancing effects of brain based therapy in other important areas of his life

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