Like a country with geographical barriers to invasion, the human body has barriers to bacteria, viruses, and other bad guys breaking and entering. When the army fails to protect the country, foreign invaders can overwhelm to country. The same thing happens with the human body. What is the body’s army? Look at the borders of your body as the skin, the lining in your intestines, brain, etc.. When these barriers leak, antigens (undigested food, parasites, chemical toxins, molds, and bacteria) invade and cause an immune response. Soldiers (macrophages) envelope the invader and call for help. If the help just right, the body destroys the invader and the army is sent back to the barracks. If the army over reacts, then innocent civilians are killed or to put it another way, the body mistakes its own healthy tissue as a foreign invader and targets it for elimination. On the other hand, if the army is not strong enough, the invaders win. In autoimmune thyroid Hashimoto’s Disease, either the army over reacts or the invaders win. Either way healthy tissue is tagged as a bad guy and the immune system designed to protect you slowly eats away at healthy tissue. Ironically, the thyroid gland has a similar molecular structure to GLUTEN. In Hashimoto’s, the individual is gluten intolerant and when gluten enters the body the autoimmune response not only targets gluten for elimination but the thyroid as well because it can’t tell the difference.

IMPORTANT: If the thyroid is being destroyed by the immune system, why is the standard medical treatment targeted treating a healthy thyroid when the problem is not thyroid but an immune attack on the thyroid. All thyroid and endocrine societies in the U.S. agree that more than 50% of all thyroid conditions are autoimmune Hashimoto’s Disease. So why are most people with thyroid conditions not tested for autoimmunity? The reason is because the only medical treatment available (steroids) is worse than the effects of the disease itself. So the only thing standard medicine is left with is to treat the thyroid symptomatically as the thyroid continues to be destroyed by the autoimmune reaction. The medication dosage continues to increase as the thyroid is ultimately completely destroyed and the person them must remain on thyroid medications for life.

THERE IS ANOTHER WAY! Don’t wait until it’s too late. The key is to clean up the leaky barriers, especially the gut, and then to support the immune system thus slowing down the immune response and subsequent thyroid tissue destruction.

If you have wondered if chiropractic nutritional approaches can help you, see your chiropractor. Better yet, see a chiropractic neurologist such as myself, Dr. Scott Brown.

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