The most severe form of Developmental Delay in children is Autism. Characteristically, these children: (1) may not look you in the eye (2) may fixate on a spot or stare in the distance (3) may be awkward or clumsy (4)may  be socially inept not able to read body language  (5) may exhibit perseverative behavior such as hand flapping. Science is now indicating that the brains of Autistic children are “cross wired” or out of sync.

U.C. San Diego researchers found that newborns that later developed Autism had smaller than average head circumferences. Then, in the first month and 6th month of life, an abnormally fast growth spurt in the brain occurs resulting in a larger size head than normal. By 5 years old, an Autistic can have a brain the size of someone in their early teens. Then the Autistic’s brain growth slows down while normal brains are having  growth spurts and by late teens the Autistic brain is smaller than normal.

The reason for the abnormal brain growth in Autistic children is thought to be due to pruning. Pruning is where neurons that are not useful for survival are eliminated so that multiple connections can be made between healthier neurons. In the Autistic brain, pruning occurs that allows the unhealthy connections rather than the healthy ones. So some parts of Autistic brains have too many connections and others have too few. Also, the white matter in Autistic brains is asymmetrical.

The brain CAN change. Ours is a revolutionary SOLUTION for children with Functional Disconnections or Learning and Behavioral Disorders (ADD, Dyslexia, Autism, Aspergers’s etc.).

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