Roughly one hundred billion brain cells fill the newborn child’s cranium. Only a small percentage are working at birth which is why, for instance, sight and sound are very poor at birth. But immediately after the shock of being born, the brain’s electrical circuits begin to light up and then it is a race for the two hemispheres of the brain to develop appropriately and in sync. One of the distinguishing features of human brains, compared to lower life forms, is that certain milestones in brain development must be reached at crucial times in order for one side of the brain to not lag behind the other. The left and right hemispheres and the connections between them are what allow us to combine big picture (right brain) functions with small detail (left brain) functions. So, in Autism, the electrical firing and wiring that promotes growth of the brain loses its timing. If one of these delicate neural pathways is weak or not stimulated appropriately, then crucial areas of the brain will become slower (usually in one hemisphere) and a lateralization of brain function begins to occur.

Since the right hemisphere (the area of primitive survival) is dominant in the first two years of life, the right side of the brain is where the slow down in developmentĀ  usually occurs. This is especially true in boys because they are more dependent on mother’s health and in reaching those milestones in a timely fashion. These developmental delays do not usually appear in early infancy but tend to show up around age two. Age two and older is when the child starts to ” seem different” and may be labeled ADHD, Autistic, Dyslexic, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, etc..

Some of the warning signs of Functional Disconnection Syndrome are (1) clumsiness (2) poor eye coordination (3) poor fine motor skills (4) poor gross motor skills (5) retention of primitive reflexes (6) social awkwardness (7) abnormal emotions (8) weak immune systems (9) poor sensory processing of visual, auditory, olfactory, kinesthetic, and cognitive information (10) poor digestion and food sensitivities.

If you have wondered if chiropractic neurology and functional medicine can help you, see a chiropractor. Better yet, see a chiropractic neurologist such as myself, Dr. Scott Brown.

How are we different? We specialize in neurological, immunological, and endocrine rehabilitation without the use of drugs or surgery. Conditions treated include: Sleep Disorders, Cognitive Disorders,Mood Disorders, Balance Disorders (Vertigo, Dizziness, etc.), Headaches, Migraines, Peripheral Neuropathy, Movement Disorders (Tics, Tremors, Tourette’s, etc.), Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ADHD, ADD, OCD, CDD, PDD, Asperger’s, etc), Fibromyalgia, Autoimmune Disorders, Thyroid Disorders, Hormone Disorders, Adrenal Disorders, and Blood Sugar Disorders (Diabetes, Insulin Resistance, Hypoglycemia).

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