Diabetes is a TOTALLY preventable disease. Yes, totally. So why does the Center for Disease Control (CDC) say that between 1/3 and 1/2 of the U.S. population born after the year 2000 will have this preventable disease. One word – EDUCATION. Two words – PROFIT MOTIVE (of the junk food industry). Three words – LACK OF EXERCISE (kids today exercise their fingers on the computer rather than going “out to play”).
All put together – (1) the lack of understanding of what good nutrition is (2) the lack of affordability of healthy, organic food (amazingly junk food corporations are subsidized by government, making healthy food difficult or impossible for low income families) and (3) the sedentary life of many families – add up to the most serious, preventable health crisis in history.
Before becoming full blown diabetics (insulin receptor sites in the pancreas shut down), most people go through a stage of hypoglycemia (low serum glucose) before becoming insulin resistant (high glucose) and finally by the time the problem is diagnosed, it has become full blown diabetes.
Why not learn how to stabilize serum glucose before it is too late.

If you have wondered if chiropractic brain based nutritional approaches are right for you, see a chiropractor or chiropractors. Better yet, see a chiropractic neurologist such as myself Dr .Scott Brown

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