Is high cholesterol something to worry about? Well if you listen to the PR machine of the makers of statin drugs (think Lipitor), almost the entire population should be on statin drugs. But wait a minute. Let’s discuss what cholesterol is and why we need it and couldn’t live without it.
Cholesterol is a natural, life sustaining steroid hormone found in animal fats and oils. It is found in nerve fibers, blood, brain, and liver. It is necessary for production of sex hormones, adrenal steroids, cell development and bile acid production. Why does every body hate it? Answer: because it makes gobs of $ for it’s makers. The healthy range for MOST people is 150-200. More important though than the Total Cholesterol reading is the ratio of cholesterol to the other lipid markers (Triglycerides, High Density Lipoprotein (HDL), Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL). Anyone who has a TOTAL CHOLESTEROL reading of 201 is considered a candidate for statin drugs. But is this a problem? Not if the HDL (good cholesterol) is between 55-80, the bad cholesterol (LDL) is below 120, and the Triglycerides are 100.

If you have wondered if chiropractic can help, see your chiropractor or chiropractors, see a chiropractic neurologist, or do both and see me, Dr. Scott Brown.

At Brown Chiropractic Neurology, we specialize in normalizing lipid markers by making sure that blood sugar, thyroid, adrenal, GI, liver, and immune function are healthy. Usually, lipid panels that are not healthy can be normalized by making sure that all these areas healthy. This is done with natural diet and supplementation.  Call us today at (303) 986-7600  and find out if chiropractic neurology is right for you! Proudly serving Denver, Lakewood, Wheat Ridge, Golden, Evergreen, and Arvada.

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