When we  see the beautiful/handsome models on television commercials advocating the necessity of taking statin drugs (Liptor, Lovastatin, etc.) to lower your cholesterol, one is seduced into thinking that cholesterol is bad, bad, bad. The truth is that cholesterol is a steroid hormone naturally and necessarily produced by your body, and it is life saving. Cholesterol is a powerful antioxidant and is responsible for making sex hormones and important neurotransmitters.You could not live without it! Statin drugs prevent your body from making cholesterol. Research now is suggesting that artificially lowering cholesterol through statins causes increases in blood glucose which is mistaken for Diabetes. Hyperglycemia or Insulin Resistance  is a pre-diabetic condition and this could be caused by your cholesterol medication. Add that to the other known possible side effects of statin drugs: (1) liver disease (2) myopathy  or muscle disease (3) Dementia (4) Depression (5) Pain (6) reduction of Vitamin D3 levels (7) Sleep Problems (8) suppression of natural Coenzyme Q-10 levels, just to name a few. There are over 900 studies and counting that prove this is a dangerous drug, so think very carefully about it. Wouldn’t you want to follow the Journal of American Medical Association’s own suggestions and the published findings in The Lancet (Feb. 17, 2010) and modify your diet, exercise, and lifestyle to  lower cholesterol as effectively without the side effects?

CAVEAT: If you are going to take statin drugs you MUST take supplemental Coenzyne Q -10 and vitamin D3

In my opinion, the ONLY group that needs statin drugs are those (less than 1 in 100 people in America) who have a genetic condition called Familial Hypercholesterolemia. These people cannot normalize cholesterol by natural means. High cholesterol is NOT the cause of heart disease. Two more important indicators are (1) the RATIO of total cholesterol to Triglycerides which should be 2:1 and (2) the level of  “good” cholesterol or HDL which should be 55 or higher. The public brainwashing by the media which is almost entirely supported by the pharmaceutical industry (and the resulting egregious conflict of interest) has resulted in statin drugs being the most profitable in the world. My father had normal total cholesterol levels his entire life and yet had coronary artery disease and severe heart disease. I didn’t know what I know now in time to save him. My mother had cholesterol levels as high as 400 and has no heart disease and is still alive at 86.

Dr. Brown’s fine cholesterol tips:

(1) Sleep 7-8 hours per night as if your life depended on it. Sleep deprivation leads to heart disease

(2) Drink alcohol in light moderation and thank you for not smoking!

(3) Get plenty of Omega 3 fatty acids in your diet and still supplement with mercury free high quality grades like we have in our office.

(4) Undress your stress and put it to rest. SO many studies on stress and its adverse effects on heart health

(5) Regular exercise aerobic and anaerobic. The heart muscles are designed to work and keep working.

(6) Cut out grains and sugars as much as possible and concentrate on the GOOD carbohydrates such and all colors of vegetables. Eat 20-30 grams of fresh organic fruit per day

If you have wondered if chiropractic natural nutritional approaches can help you, see a chiropractor or chiropractors. Better yet, see a chiropractic neurologist such as myself Dr. Scott Brown.

At Brown Chiropractic Neurology, and in functional medicine, we look at your cholesterol (lipid) panels thoroughly (not just total cholesterol) to determine the best diet and supplement regimen for you. Call us today at (303) 986-7600.

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