The risk of cancer from cell phone usage is now becoming the elephant in the cancer room. There is just too much smoke to not be looking for a fire. Dr. Siegal Sadetzki was principal investigator in a study on cell phones and testified before a senate hearing in 2009. The study found that your risk of getting a parotid tumor on the same side of the head as you listen to a cell phone increases by (1) 49%  if you have spoken on the phone for over 266 hours in your LIFETIME (2) 58% if you’ve had more than 5,500 calls in your LIFETIME (3) 34% if you regularly use a cell phone for 5 years or more. Pretty scary. Most alarming is that children, who are most susceptible to radiation damage, are using these phones as if they were attached to the head. They are the ones who will almost certainly be a part of the brain cancer epidemic that is coming (my opinion). Are there other studies? Study after study in UK, Russia, Belgium, Germany, and France is warning of the problems coming. In 2009, a review of 11 studies warned that using a cell phone 10 years or more will double your risk of a brain tumor.

The tobacco industry spent a fortune on sham “scientific studies” to prove tobacco was healthy. The cell phone industry is following suit.It takes decades for these tumors to develop. Do you want to take that chance? The baby boomers may the the first generation to where many parents outlive their children and this may be one of the reasons.

Dr. Brown’s fine cell phone tips:

(1) Children under 10 should not be allowed to use a cell phone – period.

(2) Avoid cell phones for anything other than emergencies

(3) Avoid as many wireless devices as possible

(4) Hold the phone as far away from your ear as possible

(5) NEVER use the cell phone while pregnant or carrying an infant

(6) Use land lines whenever you possibly can

Dr. Ron Heberman, the director of the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute has directed his faculty and staff to limit their use of cell phones because of the possible risk of cancer. He states, ” Really at the heart of my concern is that we shouldn’t wait for a definitive study to come out, but to err on the side of being safe rather than sorry later. Kudos Dr. Heberman! and Ditto from Dr. Brown.

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