What do top athletes do that separate them from the herd? Other than natural ability combined with hard work? They are always searching for the “edge” for ways to improve – even fractions of a second for Lindsey Vonn in the downhill ski race can mean the difference between a gold medal and obscurity. ALL of these top performers today are diet fanatics and Lance Armstrong is even reported to weigh his food.

Dr. Brown’s fine peak performance tips:
(1) Optimize energy systems by supporting a healthy brain and intestinal flora. Probiotics and omega 3 fatty acids promote symbiosis between brain and gut.  Why do I associate brain and gut? Because most people with good brains have good guts. The gut is considered the 2nd brain and is responsible for 75% of your immune system. Immune compromised athletes rarely excel, not to mention that a leaky gut fails to deliver fuel to make the muscles work.

(2) Get as much fiber in your diet as possible. Regularity promotes optimal performance. Try beans, peas, legumes, apricots, raspberries, figs, plums, pears, apples, broccoli, cherries, bananas, brussels sprouts, coconuts, and baked potatoes (with skin).

(3) Get 8 hours of sleep EVERY night. Some studies (and my personal experience) show that the hours slept before midnight are worth twice as much as after.

(4) Turn on your brain and central nervous system with chiropractic adjustments and massage. Top performers such as Joe Montana, Tiger Woods, and Lance Armstrong keep their edge with regular adjustments and freely admit that they could not perform at the highest level without spinal and extremity adjustments.

(5) Limit alcohol. No explanation needed

(6) Thank you for not smoking!

(7) Eliminate stress. Chill out – literally. Read spiritual or inspirational literature before going to sleep and NEVER watch the (bad) news that starts at 11 pm every night.

If you have wondered if chiropractic can help  you reach your athletic potential, see a chiropractor or chiropractors. Better yet, see a chiropractic neurologist such as myself Dr. Scott Brown.

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