Dangerous drugs to be aware of (and just the tip of the iceberg):
(1) The new birth control pill Yaz (Yasmin) – causing strokes, heart attacks, blood clots, and gall bladder disease in 18 year olds.
(2) Ambien (sleep drug)  – Law enforcement is saying that traffic accidents from blackouts caused by Ambien are on the rise.
(3) Tamoxifen (cancer drug) – for every case of cancer prevented there is a case of blood clots, life threatening stroke or endometrial cancer caused by it.

(4) Cholesterol lowering statin drugs such as Lipitor and Crestor cause muscle breakdown, muscle atrophy, liver disease, CO-Q 10 depletion,pain and weakness, plaque deposits, increased cancer risk, decreased immune function and even death. The FDA’s David Graham named it one of the 5 most dangerous drugs

(5) Gardasil and Cevarix (use to prevent sexually trasmitted viruses like HPV)- as of September 2010, linked to 56 girl’s deaths in the U.S. alone.

(6) Chantix (anti smoking drug ) – banned for use by truck drivers, bus drivers, and air traffic controllers after being linked to psychosis and


(7) Singulair and Acolate (asthma drugs)-  leukotriene receptor agonists linked to children and hostility, aggression, irritability, anxiety, and hallucinations.

What did not make Martha’s list but should have:

(1) Ritalin – ADHD “wonder” drug that acts almost identically like cocaine. This drug causes increased levels of dopamine which is the “hit” that addicts crave. Scientists believe that the reason that Ritalin has not produced more addicts is that oral ingestion has slower effects for getting high whereas injected or smoked crack high is instant.

(2) Celebrex – this pain killer is linked to kidney damage, cardiovascular disease, liver damage, and stomach bleeds.

(3) Avandia  (Diabetes drug)- banned in Europe, this drug increases the risk of heart attack

(4) Fosamex, Boniva and all the Bisphosphonate drugs (bone density drugs) – double the risk of atrial fibrillation, thigh bone fractures, jaw bone rot, serious eye problems, liver damage, renal failure, and on and on. There are legitimate natural ways to protect bone health.

Dr. Brown’s fine tip on drugs is very simple. DO YOUR RESEARCH before taking any on them. It is so clear that most health conditions can be managed, treated, or cured with diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes. The choice is yours. Caveat Emptor!

If you have wondered if chiropractic nutritional approaches can help you, see a chiropractor or chiropractors. Better yet, see a chiropractic neurologist such as myself, Dr. Scott Brown

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