A popular “health” myth is that soy is great, soy is good. Traditionally, that may have been true. With  modern processed food, unfortunately it is not the case.

LITTLE KNOWN FACTS : (1) Phytoestogens (plant substances that have the same effects as estrogens), found in modern soy products, are powerful endocrine system disruptors (2) infant soy formula inundates the bloodstream with female hormones that inhibit testosterone levels associated with learning and developmental delays in boys (3) Soy fed girls go through early puberty (always a bad thing).


(1) Synthetic (toxic) vitamin D is added to soy milk. This increases the body’s need for legitimate vitamin D3.

(2) Processed soy protein produces cancer causing nitrosamines.

(3) Soy foods contain aluminum (toxic heavy metal) that causes kidney and central nervous system damage.

(4) MSG and other neurotoxins are added to soy to hide it’s unpleasant taste.

(5) Soy phytoestrogens can cause infertility and cause breast cancer.

(6) It is a myth that soy products increase your sex life, protect against heart disease, provide complete protein, or protect against cancer.

(7) Infants fed only on soy formula have receive the equivalent amount of estrogen as taking 4 birth control pills per day

If you carefully and painstakingly review the massive amount of  research on soy, you will reach the conclusion that the risks associated with soy far out weigh the possible benefits. The critical distinction that must be made is between the huge difference between fermented and non-fermented soy. The healthy Asian people who enjoy the benefits of natto, miso, soy sauce, and tempeh do so eating FERMNETED soy foods. It’s the un-fermented soy (containing genetically modified food or GMO’s) that is destructive to health and wellness. Sadly, the American public has been duped into thinking that tofu, soy milk, cheese, and ice creams are healthy.

Americans should eliminate soy products from their diets especially if they have:

– food allergies


-kidney stones

-thyroid disorders

-autoimmune disorders

-fertility problems


-brain damage

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