Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Are you easy going or neurotic?
Well here are some personality tips that will help you in choosing the best way to exercise based on your personality.

The AMBITIOUS exerciser: The driven individual tends to do best when exercising alone weather it is at the gym, jogging, swimming or whatever. Establish your set of rules and set times for workouts and just follow YOUR lead.

The IMPULSIVE exerciser: These people are free spirits and don’t like to be held to schedules, times, and routines. They don’t make promises, don’t plan, and may not show up at all. These people are more likely to do exercises that give them the “runner’s high” and this buzzed feeling is probably the only thing that will keep them exercising.

The SOCIAL exerciser: “People persons” have trouble doing boring solo exercises and will thrive in aerobics or spin classes. They will enjoy bicycle clubs and swim clubs where they can see and be seen.

The LAID BACK exerciser: These non-competitive folks do not like to sweat and huff and puff. The will do well in yoga and golf.

The STRESSED OUT exerciser: These people need exercise more than anyone. Worry worts need stress and anxiety relief and greater emotional stability. You should have a plan and lay out your exercise goals and stick to the plan. Peak performance exercises where you go all out and achieve the maximum safer heart rate are wonderful for the type A personalities.

The ADRENALINE JUNKIE exerciser: Do I need to explain this? Extreme skiing, zip lines, bungee jumping…….you get the picture. Try to be a little safer and mimic the stressed out exerciser. It won’t give you the rush but you will live longer!

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