Sleep, sweet sleep. As those who know me can attest, this is my favorite topic. Studies have been conducted showing photos of sleep study participants to members of the opposite sex. The study compared people after 8 hours of perfect sleep to those having missed a whole nights  sleep. The subjects were told not to use any makeup or hair care for the photos. Those rating attractiveness and youth rated the sleeping subjects an average of at least 1 point higher (scale of 10) on the scales of youthfulness and attractiveness. The average was close to 2 points higher. For the vain among you, this should be enough. For those who are truly interested the the health effects that lead to a more attractive and youthful appearance, consider the following:

(1) Heart Disease and Diabetes – too much or too little sleep have been significantly linked to Heart Disease and Type 2 Diabetes.

(2) Cancer – disruption in sleep cycles have caused hormonal changes that effect melatonin release and has been related to tumor growth

(3) Weight – disruption of sleep cycles lead to dys-regulation of appetite and satiation hormones leading to weight gain.

(4) Immune Resistance – Proper sleep boosts the immune system and decreases your chances of viral infections.

(5) Memory and Learning – Proper sleep help regulate neurotansmitters leading to better short term memory and creativity.

Chronic Conditions that are aggravated by lack of sleep include: Depression, Anxiety, GI problems, Headaches, Memory Loss, Learning and Behavioral Problems, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, Kidney Disease, and Hypertension.

PRICELESS SLEEP TIPS: (1) Make sure your bedroom is completely dark (2) Go to bed between 9pm and 11 pm every night. Tinker with the time until the right time for you is obvious (for me it is 9:30 -10:00pm) (3) Don’t watch TV or use computers for the last hour before bedtime and instead read inspirational literature (4) Pee before you sleep to decrease the possibility of waking up in the night (5) Use full spectrum light bulbs at the office or during the day to maximize light stimulation (6) Use low spectrum (blue) light bulbs at night or in the bedroom to promote sleepiness (7) DON’T work alternating shifts or NIGHT shifts as this is probably the worst thing in the world for normal circadian sleep.

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