We now know that Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) radiation is affecting people’s health. Evidence shows that EMF damage is linked to Autism, low sperm counts, and DNA damage – to name a few (www.explorepub.com). Sources of EMF pollution include cordless phones, wireless phones, wiring in the walls, over and underground cables, lamps, and electrical outlets as well as computers, WI-FI hot spots, wireless printers and on and on. Most animals and humans are incredibly sensitive to even small EMF frequencies. Living cells interpret these exposures as normal cellular activity (heart rate, brain wave, cell division and cell signaling, etc.). But these man made electromagnetic exposures are not normal and have unusual signaling intensities, wave forms, and pulsing patterns detrimental to our health. The insidious thing is that we can’t feel, touch, or detect consciously these EMF’s but it is now clear that our cells are impacted. Sam Milham MD in his book “Dirty Electricity”, states that modern diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes may be triggered by EMF damage.

Some problems now being linked to EMF damage are: increased blood brain barrier permeability, depression, cardiovascular irregularities, DNA damage, hormone disruption, cognitive problems, metabolism changes, Autism, fertility impairment, Sleep Disorders, Immune Disorders, Learning Disorders, mineral deposit disruption, and a host of other neurological conditions. Listen to an interview with Dr. Rau at http://www.electromagnetichealth.org for more.

I strongly suggest that you read as much as you can on how to protect yourself from EMF by googling  – mercola.com – and type in links to his newsletters on the subject of EMF frequencies.

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