When the brain or the thyroid degenerate, the most common symptoms are BRAIN FOG, DEPRESSION and FATIGUE. In our office, we notice when a new patient comes in and “had trouble getting here”, comes in late, has trouble filling out paperwork, and taking their history takes forever. The brain is just not working and the question is why? Science has proven without a doubt that depression stems from decreased frontal lobe activation. The frontal lobe is the ” lobe of humanity” or the lobe of executive function and it separates us from the beasts of the field. There are basically two models for depression: (1) thyroid malfunction and (2) cytokine inflammation leading to decreased nerve conduction. Cytokines are small signaling molecules secreted by glial cells. The majority of depressed patients have a leaky gut and inflammation. The gut is considered the 2nd brain and is responsible for 70% of immune function. Cytokine inflammation caused by abnormal glial cell activity leads to brain fog. Glial cells are the “scaffolding” of the brain, keeping neurons alive. Some thyroid patients will not respond to anti-depressants until inflammatory cytokines and leaky gut are calmed down. With persistent brain fog, healthy glial cell activity must be restored. With gluten (wheat, hops, etc.) exposure, brain fog may last from days to weeks. Gluten exposures will break down the blood brain barrier (BBB) allowing toxins that should normally be screened out to pass into the brain. This is why we recommend all thyroid patients get on a gluten free diet. people suffering  with hypothyroidism will produce less serotonin (the feel good neurotransmitter) so they become depressed. THE CURRENT DRUG MODEL DOES NOTHING TO RAISE THE AMOUNT OF NEUROTRANSMITTER but in functional medicine we can. The drugs’ temporary effects last no more than two years because they burn out. Hashimoto’s disease (autoimmune hypothyroid) triggers blood sugar, gluten, and adrenal problems resulting in inflammatory cytokine activity. Thyroid malfunction also leads to hippocampus degeneration. The hippocampus is a small but important cross road from the primitive limbic system to  the temporal lobe of the brain and is critical in preserving short to long term memory.

If you suffer from brain fog, depression, and fatigue and would like a drug-free approach to solving these problems or you have not responded to standard medical care, we’d like to help.

If you have wondered if chiropractic natural nutritional approaches can help you, see a chiropractor or chiropractors. Better yet, see a chiropractic neurologist such as myself Dr. Scott Brown.

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