Thyroid diseases can be associated with gut motility problems. Sometimes these GI symptoms are the only clue of a thyroid disease and they can be the very first symptoms of a thyroid disease. Either hyper- or hypo – thyroidism can impair esophageal motility interfering with peristalsis. Thyroid hormone receptors influence brain activity (neuronal centers) and can contribute to visceral disorders.

After eating, hyperthyroid patients have delayed gastric emptying. Hypothyroidism may also cause a delay in gastric emptying. Diarrhea and malabsorption are usually associated with hyperthyroidism, whereas constipation is usually associated with hypothyroidism. GI transit time and intestinal absorption rates are usually reduced in hypothyroid states.

If you are suffering from low (hypothyroid) or high (hyperthyroid) function and are looking for drug free care, we would like to help.

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