Think of your 3 major health concerns and list them in order of importance. If tummy troubles of ANY kind are on that list, please read the symptoms below and grade yourself a 0 (never have this problem), 1 (occasionally have this problem), 2 (frequently have this problem), 3 (always have this problem).


(1) Lower abdominal pain relief by passing stool or gas         0,1,2,3
(2) Alternating constipation or diarrhea                                       0,1,2,3
(3) Feeling that bowels do not empty completely                      0,1,2,3
(4) Constipation                                                                                        0,1,2,3
(5) Diarrhea                                                                                                 0,1,2,3
(6) Use laxatives frequently                                                                 0,1,2,3
(7) More than 3 bowel movements daily                                        0,1,2,3
(8) Pass large amounts of foul smelling gas                                    0,1,2,3
(9) Coated or fuzzy tongue                                                                    0,1,2,3

If you answered with a lot of 2’s or 3’s, this is usually indicative of a COLON problem


(1) excessive burping or belching
(2) Gas immediately following a meal
(3) Offensive breath
(4) Difficult bowel movements
(5) Sense of fullness during and after meals
(6) Difficulty digesting fruits and vegetables with undigested foods in stools

If you answered with a lot of 2’s and3’s, this is usually indicative of a loss of HYDROCHLORIC ACID production

Stay tuned for part 2 on HYPER-ACIDITY and SMALL INTESTINE problems

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