Sounds weird, but that is what the latest research shows. Insomniacs are near and dear to me. I was one of you and I can help. We need sleep to regenerate and repair. The brain-stem reticular formation has a top or rostral part and a bottom or caudal part. The rostral reticular formation allows one to wake and be alert. The caudal reticular formation allows us to sleep. There has to be a balance. When the rostral reticular formation is firing too high, one cannot relax and go to sleep. The rostral reticular formation is very sensitive to oxygen and carbon dioxide relationships. The reasons for high firing rostral reticular formation are many and complex. Stress (either psychological or disease of the body such as autoimmune disorders, blood sugar, thyroid, kidney, heart, liver, adrenal, or anemic conditions to name a very few) is usually the culprit. This is not to say that the person FEELS conscious stress but that a hidden stress may be altering sleep patterns.
What is different about chiropractic neurology’s approach is that we determine the root cause as opposed to just giving an herb or supplement to relax the patient. Yes, these things are a part of our approach, but brain-stem function must be addressed to fix the problem. Those loosing sleep on a regular basis are at risk of multiple health conditions, including but not limited to cancer, heart disease, and brain disorders.
At Brown Chiropractic Neurology, with brain based therapies, we would like to help.
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