So many patients report to our office with complaints such as headache, neck pain, back pain, and extremity pains. Others report with neurological conditions such as vertigo, balance disorders, traumatic brain injury, tourette’s, tremors, or ADD/ADHD. But when they list their secondary complaints, frequently the words fatigue or chronic fatigue (CFS) pop up. Interestingly, fatigue is down the list rather than their fist complaint. I strongly feel that the reason is that fatigue goes along with so many seemingly unrelated complaints is that pain or dysfunction can stress the person’s metabolic system. An example: someone is under high stress and begins to suffer from adrenal exhaustion. This results in disruption on cortisol levels leading to insomnia. Without proper sleep, the person will suffer breakdown on mental and physical vigor. The list of possible conditions causing fatigue goes on and on. Anemia, thyroid dysfunction, autoimmune disease, sluggish liver and gall bladder, blood sugar imbalance, and so forth. Many times there is a breakdown of more than one of these areas at once – such as adrenal fatigue leading to insulin/blood sugar problems such as hypoglycemia or insulin resistance.

There are many quick fix elixirs out there, especially in multi level marketing, that help people with minor problems but many times there needs to be a more individualized approach. At Brown Chiropractic Neurology, our approach is the obtain a good history, perform a comprehensive neurological and metabolic exam, and do a complete blood work to determine where the fatigue comes from. If you suffer from chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia, I can help.
Give us a call at 303-986-7600 and see about a $27.00 screening to determine if we can help. I’m Dr. Scott Brown and I approve this message!