October 2010

In a former life, I was the official chiropractic neurologist for the Tampa Bay Mutiny (Major League Soccer Team), the Tampa Bay Rowdies (original U.S. soccer league team), the Bay Ballet, the Tampa Ballet TheatrerCompany, and the Sunshine State Games. I began my career with athletes when a patient of mine, who was the athletic  trainer for the Rowdies soccer team (0 and 4 record at the time),  came to me and asked if I could help two star players who were out with injuries. One player, a Nigerian forward, was disabled due to a chronic hamstring injury while the other, a French midfielder, was disabled after failed back surgery. Within two weeks of brain based therapy, both players were playing full time and didn’t miss another game (the French player went on to become a chiropractor). The Rowdies won all the rest of their regular season games except one and then played in the NASL championship game (they lost to the Colorado Foxes 2-1 but not because of injuries).

Question: Do you think that professional sports  teams and world class athletes seek chiropractors for neck and back pain? The answer is – not really. Athletes, for the most part, accept  pain as part of the territory. Athletes seek chiropractic neurology for brain based therapeutics resulting in PEAK PERFORMANCE, the edge. Faster sprint times, improved accuracy, faster reaction times, improved coordination, better and quicker decision making, improved reflexes, greater symmetry between the muscles of both sides of the body, faster healing times, etc. – this is how Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Joe Montana, Lance Armstrong, Jerry Rice, etc. extended their champion careers with chiropractic.

Average Joe doesn’t know what these elite athletes know. Therefore, typically Joe will seek chiropractic only as a substitute for pain masking drugs and  will not take advantage of the powerful performance enhancing effects of chiropractic. The tragedy is that the same maximum performance treatment that Michael Jordan gets is available to average Joe. He/she could increase total human function resulting in more energy, better memory, fewer sick days, faster promotions, etc.. Average Joe may not notice 1/4 second off his 100 yard dash but he will notice the life enhancing effects of brain based therapy in other important areas of his life

At Brown Chiropractic Neurology – website: browncnc.com – we are your wellness and prevention provider.  I am Scott Brown DC, DABCN, FACFN and I can help. I treat a wide spectrum of metabolic, structural, and neurological disorders. If you are suffering from Dizziness, Vertigo, Tremors, Learning and Developmental Delays, Back and Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Tennis Elbow, or other musculo-skeletal disorders, call us today at (303) 986-7600 or e:mail at – admin@browncnc.com. and set up a consultation or screening.

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The gastrointestinal (GI) tract is connected to every major system (and most minor systems) in the human body. Depending on what research you see, between 60-70% of the human body’s immunity is dependent on the GI tract. Just as important, the GI system is responsible for production of almost 100% of the body’s neurotransmitters. No wonder those with GI symptoms frequently present with attendant depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders. Typical drugs such as anti-inflammatory agents and antacids do not address the underlying causes. The drug cover up postpones the inevitable need to find the true cause. The pain in GI disorders can be due to spasm and not inflammation, yet many times these individuals are taking anti-inflammatory drugs and getting nowhere.
It may interest you to know that, according to leading expert Datis Kharrazian (author of “Why Do I Have Thyroid Symptoms If My Lab Tests are Normal”), the GI relates to many conditions including but not limited to: liver detoxification, cardiovascular risk, neurodegenerative disorders, chronic fatigue, estrogen metabolism, food allergies, inability to lose weight, autoimmune disorders, functional hypothyroidism, oxidative stress, anemia, mood, pain and inflammation.

If you have been the traditional medical route and are looking for a non-drug, side effect free solution to your GI or other Neuroendocrine disorder, I’d can help. I’m Scott Brown DC, DABCN, FACFN, Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologist in Lakewood, CO and at Brown Chiropractic Neurology – browncnc.com (303)986-7600, we assess our patients with a thorough history and neurological exam to determine what can be done for your INDIVIDUAL problem. There is nothing cookie cutter about our approach and we get results.
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SHOCKING fact: the incidence childhood neurological disorders affecting learning and social skills (Autism, Asperger’s, ADHD, ADD, Tourette’s, Obsessive Compulsive Disorders, Sensory Integration Disorders, etc.) has risen from 1 in 10,000,  just a few decades ago,bto now 1 in 80-90 children. Why is this? In the 1050’s, no one even knew what Autism or Asperger’s was; but now, everyone KNOWS SOMEONE personally that has been diagnosed with a learning or social disability. Unfortunately, the diagnosis and treatment (usually by MD’s, behavioral specialists, and psychologists) has changed very little over the past 60 years.

What the bleep is happening? My opinion: (1) so called experts are looking at Autism, Asperger’s, etc, as something you are “born with” that cannot be cured or improved – NOT TRUE (2) an out of control pharmaceutical agenda to push drugs on these kids to mask the symptoms – VERY TRUE AND VERY FRIGHTENING (3) the wide held belief that this spectrum of disorders are all separate conditions (Tourrete’s vs. ADHD vs Autism) – NOT TRUE (4) the theory that it is all genetics – CAN’T POSSIBLY BE TRUE.
So what is it then? Cutting edge research shows that when the two hemispheres of the brain don’t develop at the same rate, there is asymmetry between the left and right hemispheres due to disparity of electrical activity. Dr. Robert Melillo calls it Functional Disconnection Syndrome (I highly recommend his book ” Disconnected Kids”). Since there are no lab tests or scans that can identify these conditions, diagnosis and treatment success is largely dependent of the treating doctor’s clinical skills.

The brain CAN change, and at Brown Chiropractic Neurology (Scott Brown DC, DABCN, FACFN) we diagnose and treat learning and social disabilities using brain based therapeutics and nutritional supplements.

Our philosophy is: (1) there are solutions, and weak areas of the brain can be strengthened (2) due to weakness of brain, there is weakness of gut and nutritional needs will need to be addressed (3) pharmaceutical drugs are not a solution (4) don’t encourage these kids to utilize their strengths but get them to work on their weaknesses.

If you have a learning disabled child, we can help!

For more information please contact us at – http://www.browncnc.com –  e:mail drscottbrown@browncnc.com (303) 986-7600 in Lakewood, CO. Also for more information about chiropractic neurology look at Dr. Ted Carrick’s website – http://www.carrickinstitute.org

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Rarely do I see a patient that presents WITHOUT subjective complaints related to adrenal function (sleep disorders, salt cravings, slow starter, afternoon fatigue, dizziness when standing up too quickly, afternoon headaches, heavy perspiration, waking up tired after 6 or more hours sleep, under high stress, weight gain under stress). And even more rarely do I look at blood or saliva testing that that does not indicate adrenal stress.
So what are the adrenal glands and what do they do? The adrenal glands are two pea size glands located above the kidneys which are regulated by the Hypothalalmo-Pituitary-Adrenal (HPA) axis. The HPA axis originates in the primitive brain-stem area concerned with survival. The HPA axis controls the release of cortisol (a steroid hormone) that in turn controls adrenaline. Other hormones produced in the outer adrenal cortex include aldosterone, progesterone, and DHEA. The inner adrenal medulla produces epinephrine and nor-epinephrine related to sympathetic (freeze, fight, or flight) function. When the body suffers high stress and excess cortisol either in a severe stress period or sustained stress over a long period of time, there is a failure of the normal rise and fall of these hormone levels over a 24 hour period. These hormonel levels effect so many aspects of life including sleep and blood sugar.

Adrenal stress is usually secondary to failures in other systems of the body. Anemia, Diabetes, Liver and gall Bladder Disease, Thyroid problems, etc. can all cause stress that fatigues the adrenal glands. In America, we are culturally inclined to eat boxed and packaged foods loaded with partially hydrogenated fats and gluten, synthetic sweeteners (Aspartame, Nutrasweet, etc.), refined carbs, colored and dyed foods, and on and on. Dietary stress alone can lead to adrenal failure.

At Brown Chiropractic Neurology, and in Functional Neurology and Endocrinology, we evaluate a comprehensive metabolic and neurotransmitter health history and compare with the findings of a complete neurological and blood chemistry analysis. Only by looking at the individual and not a cookbook can we determine what is best for the person. And as always, our approach is drug or pharmaceutical free.
If you are looking for side effect free solutions to your neuroendocrine problems, I am Dr. Scott Brown DC, DABCN, FACFN (303) 986-7600 and I would like to help!

There are significant differences between how a functional medicine specialist (Depak Chopra, Andrew Weil, myself, etc.) and a traditional medical doctor (HMO or managed care provider) might look at blood work. First, functional doctors are looking at a much narrower range reading on our special blood tests which are usually more comprehensive tests than those ordered by traditionalists. For example, functional doctors will be looking to treat TRENDS in blood markers before the trend becomes a pathology or disease. For example: the “normal” thyroid marker TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) functional range is around 1.8 to 3.0 wheras the traditional or pathological range is around .450-4.50. There is quite a difference there, and if you are having thyroid symptoms and your TSH reading is 1.0 the functional doctor will want to address this wheras the traditional doctor will not necessarily do so. This approach applies not only to thyroid but to lipid (cholesterol), blood sugar, adrenal, liver, immune markers, etc. In other words, the probability is that the functional doctor will find a problem in the warning stages and act to prevent it from becoming a full fledged disease by using diet, supplement and life style changes as opposed to pharmaceutical or drug therapy. Needless to say, the functional approach involves no drugs and therefore side effects are to a large extent non-existent. Even people with pathological readings, outside the range of the traditionalists, can be treated, in most cases safely and effectively, without drugs.

If this approach appeals to you, please call us at Brown Chiropractic Neurology (303) 986-7600 or visit our website – http://www.browncnc.com. I would love to help! I’m Dr. Scott Brown and I approve this message

So many patients report to our office with complaints such as headache, neck pain, back pain, and extremity pains. Others report with neurological conditions such as vertigo, balance disorders, traumatic brain injury, tourette’s, tremors, or ADD/ADHD. But when they list their secondary complaints, frequently the words fatigue or chronic fatigue (CFS) pop up. Interestingly, fatigue is down the list rather than their fist complaint. I strongly feel that the reason is that fatigue goes along with so many seemingly unrelated complaints is that pain or dysfunction can stress the person’s metabolic system. An example: someone is under high stress and begins to suffer from adrenal exhaustion. This results in disruption on cortisol levels leading to insomnia. Without proper sleep, the person will suffer breakdown on mental and physical vigor. The list of possible conditions causing fatigue goes on and on. Anemia, thyroid dysfunction, autoimmune disease, sluggish liver and gall bladder, blood sugar imbalance, and so forth. Many times there is a breakdown of more than one of these areas at once – such as adrenal fatigue leading to insulin/blood sugar problems such as hypoglycemia or insulin resistance.

There are many quick fix elixirs out there, especially in multi level marketing, that help people with minor problems but many times there needs to be a more individualized approach. At Brown Chiropractic Neurology, our approach is the obtain a good history, perform a comprehensive neurological and metabolic exam, and do a complete blood work to determine where the fatigue comes from. If you suffer from chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia, I can help.
Give us a call at 303-986-7600 and see about a $27.00 screening to determine if we can help. I’m Dr. Scott Brown and I approve this message!