It is surprising to most people that falls are in the top 5 reasons of death of ALL ages. Why is this? Balance is a delicate balance (no pun intended) of several neurological mechanisms. First there is the most powerful sensory input to brain – proprioception (the information your brain receives from your joints, skin, and muscle spindles) so that you can feel where you are on earth’s gravitational field. Second there is vision (so that you can see where you are). Third, there are the central and peripheral vestibular systems which include the inner ear mechanisms (these are the brain mechanisms that allow you to balance even in the absence of proprioception and sight. There is a lot of redundancy in the system and many people have a problem in one area (such as the vestibular system) which is compensated by the other two systems.

When people first start having loss of one of these delicate balancing systems, they usually are not aware. If they miss a step or are looking up and not paying attention, they may find themselves on the ground with a broken hip or worse.

At Brown Chiropractic Neurology Clinic, we have a vestibular lab with the most up to date diagnostics (VNG and Comprehensive Assessment of Postural Systems) to find out where your balance problems originate. Once the area of deficiency is identified, we can rehabilitate the area with non-drug, non pharmaceutical, non-surgical brain based therapies. In rare cases, there are problems that require referral to a surgeon or other specialists. Save grandma from a hip fracture and save a life.

People of all ages have balance problems and can be screened at our office for $27.00. Also check out my video on my website –