The new buzzword in chronic health problems is AUTOIMMUNE and what that means is the body identifies it’s own tissue (thyroid, kidney, adrenals, etc.) as foreign invaders and starts attacking itself. Treatments of autoimmune diseases usually consist of treating the attacked organ rather than boosting the immune system. This is tragic. For instance, autoimmune thyroid is treated by prescription drugs for hypothyroidism (Synthroid, Levathroid, etc.) without any recommendations for improving immunity.

The first thing to do in building your immune system is to make sure your vitamin D levels are OPTIMAL not just adequate. Blood work is necessary to determine your levels and the laboratory range of 32 is not nearly enough. I like to see my patients in the 60 and above range. Another fallacy is that if you spend enough time in the sun, you will not be vitamin D deficient. We are finding that, even in sunny San Diego, landscapers who work outdoors in tank tops are deficient. Get yours measured.

Why is this vitamin D (actually it is not a vitamin but a hormone produced by cholesterol) so important? Because it can cut, by almost 50%, MOST of the most devastating and costly diseases of modern man – cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and dementia.

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