The standard American diet (SAD) is truly sad and not just for adults but especially for children with learning disabilities, or what we call Functional Disconnection Syndrome (FDS). In my 20 years in functional neurology, I have observed that FDS/Autism/Asperger’s children have a preference for the foods that aggravate the condition. They tend to stay away from vegetables, many fruits, lean meats and go for the macaroni and cheese, pizza, milk, cereal, pasta, etc. Not only does this type of diet worsen FDS, but is a prescription for diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and a generally unhealthy brain.
The brain needs 3 things to survive: fuel, oxygen, and activation. In chiropractic neurology, we address all 3 of these requirements. Without proper fuel (good food and supplements) any brain will lose function. In my experience, when working with brain asymmetry (hemisphericity), it is futile to try to balance the brain without proper fuel. Conversely, if the nutrients are proper but the oxygen and activation (brain balancing exercises) are not in line, the results will be less than optimal. I am one of less than 1,000 Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologists worldwide. If you have a learning disabled child, see my website – – and come in for screening. I’d like to help!