September 2010

It is surprising to most people that falls are in the top 5 reasons of death of ALL ages. Why is this? Balance is a delicate balance (no pun intended) of several neurological mechanisms. First there is the most powerful sensory input to brain – proprioception (the information your brain receives from your joints, skin, and muscle spindles) so that you can feel where you are on earth’s gravitational field. Second there is vision (so that you can see where you are). Third, there are the central and peripheral vestibular systems which include the inner ear mechanisms (these are the brain mechanisms that allow you to balance even in the absence of proprioception and sight. There is a lot of redundancy in the system and many people have a problem in one area (such as the vestibular system) which is compensated by the other two systems.

When people first start having loss of one of these delicate balancing systems, they usually are not aware. If they miss a step or are looking up and not paying attention, they may find themselves on the ground with a broken hip or worse.

At Brown Chiropractic Neurology Clinic, we have a vestibular lab with the most up to date diagnostics (VNG and Comprehensive Assessment of Postural Systems) to find out where your balance problems originate. Once the area of deficiency is identified, we can rehabilitate the area with non-drug, non pharmaceutical, non-surgical brain based therapies. In rare cases, there are problems that require referral to a surgeon or other specialists. Save grandma from a hip fracture and save a life.

People of all ages have balance problems and can be screened at our office for $27.00. Also check out my video on my website –


The new buzzword in chronic health problems is AUTOIMMUNE and what that means is the body identifies it’s own tissue (thyroid, kidney, adrenals, etc.) as foreign invaders and starts attacking itself. Treatments of autoimmune diseases usually consist of treating the attacked organ rather than boosting the immune system. This is tragic. For instance, autoimmune thyroid is treated by prescription drugs for hypothyroidism (Synthroid, Levathroid, etc.) without any recommendations for improving immunity.

The first thing to do in building your immune system is to make sure your vitamin D levels are OPTIMAL not just adequate. Blood work is necessary to determine your levels and the laboratory range of 32 is not nearly enough. I like to see my patients in the 60 and above range. Another fallacy is that if you spend enough time in the sun, you will not be vitamin D deficient. We are finding that, even in sunny San Diego, landscapers who work outdoors in tank tops are deficient. Get yours measured.

Why is this vitamin D (actually it is not a vitamin but a hormone produced by cholesterol) so important? Because it can cut, by almost 50%, MOST of the most devastating and costly diseases of modern man – cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and dementia.

At Brown Chiropractic Neurology,.we optimize our patients chances of a healthy life with a complete functional blood work analysis which includes vitamin D levels. Visit us today at – Ph: (303) 986-7600

The standard American diet (SAD) is truly sad and not just for adults but especially for children with learning disabilities, or what we call Functional Disconnection Syndrome (FDS). In my 20 years in functional neurology, I have observed that FDS/Autism/Asperger’s children have a preference for the foods that aggravate the condition. They tend to stay away from vegetables, many fruits, lean meats and go for the macaroni and cheese, pizza, milk, cereal, pasta, etc. Not only does this type of diet worsen FDS, but is a prescription for diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and a generally unhealthy brain.
The brain needs 3 things to survive: fuel, oxygen, and activation. In chiropractic neurology, we address all 3 of these requirements. Without proper fuel (good food and supplements) any brain will lose function. In my experience, when working with brain asymmetry (hemisphericity), it is futile to try to balance the brain without proper fuel. Conversely, if the nutrients are proper but the oxygen and activation (brain balancing exercises) are not in line, the results will be less than optimal. I am one of less than 1,000 Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologists worldwide. If you have a learning disabled child, see my website – – and come in for screening. I’d like to help!

A person’s health history and symptoms are very important in evaluating thyroid function. Why? Because 90% of hypothyroid problems are autoimmune. Translation – it’s not a thyroid problem but an attack by the body’s immune system on the thyroid. This means that treating the thyroid will not help the problem but supporting the immune system will. This is where functional medicine differs from conventional medicine. Conventional medicine continues to prescribe thyroid medications (Synthroid, Leavathroid, etc.) when the problem is not thyroid.

Our patients fill out a thorough history assessment as well as obtain blood work, including antibody testing (which identifies autoimmune problems). Then if the problem is autoimmune, which it usually is, we support the thyroid.

Check out: by the leading expert, Datis Kharrazian, on thyroid and endocrine disorders.

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The reason chiropractic neurologists have success with migraine sufferers is not so much because of relieving bone on nerve pressure, but because the chiropractic neurology adjustments are targeted to increase brain function. When either hemisphere of the brain malfunctioning, there is a drive for the sympathetic nervous system (fight, freeze, or flight) to cause an increase in sweating, blood pressure, AND blood vessel dilation. Nitric oxide is produced causing surface arteries to swell and irritate the trigeminal nerve. By restoring brain symmetry and decreasing the sympathetic nervous system, adjustments can be the answer that migraine sufferers are looking for.
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