A March 2008 University of Chicago study was published in the prestigious Journal of Human Hypertension, and guess what? Something that I have clinically known for over 25 years of practice is now being validated in the lab. Chiropractic adjustments to the upper cervical spine (neck) lowers blood pressure. According to this preliminary study, blood pressure is lowered by an average of a whopping 17 points (the equivalent of 2 blood pressure medications.) How can this be? As a chiropractic neurologist, I can tell you that spinal adjustments INCREASE BRAIN FUNCTION and INHIBIT THE SYMPATHETIC NERVOUS SYSTEM (which causes high blood pressure). This is the reason for the dramatic decrease in blood pressure. Why do adjustments increase brain function? Because gravity is the greatest drive to not only the development of brain; but also, the maintaining of brain function throughout life. Spinal adjustment make gravity’s natural power to the brain amplified. How does this work? The adjustment, utilizing gravity’s pathway, is the most powerful kind of proprioceptive (touch) stimulation due to the fast stretch which stimulates muscle spindles and joint mechanoreceptors . Gravitational pathways are ALWAYS ON. Vision, hearing, smell, etc are not constantly “on” but gravity never turns off. The long lasting effects of proprioceptive stimulation compared to the other sensory simulations (vision, hearing, smell) is because gravity is ALWAYS ON and vision, hearing, and smell are not. Therefore the effects of the adjustment can be long lasting and powerful.
In addition, by increasing brain function naturally, there are no side effects creating the need for more drugs. I have seen some patients on 3-4 hypertensive drugs when they entered my office. Try safe, natural chiropractic neurology. Call our office today (303-986-7600) – you won’t regret it!

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