Those who have been to my wellness orientations will not find these studies surprising. Over the counter (OTC) drugs are deceptively packaged lower dosages of the higher octane prescription drugs, yet the dangerous side effects are similar and it takes more pills to achieve the same side effects. Violence, suicide, depression, death, etc. are documented effects in study after study. When you look at the trend to have greater and greater access to all kinds of drugs, it is no wonder that iatrogenesis (adverse effects of prescription drugs or doctor error) is the 3rd leading cause of death in the America. Remember, OTC’s are just lighter dosages of the prescription drugs.

Today we are concentrating on OTC soporifics or sleep aids and the effects on brain function. In the referenced article, let’s focus on the anticholinergic sleep aid drugs which destroy acetylcholine (the primary excitatory neurotransmitter that is responsible for memory). If one takes a drug that blocks effects of the most important memory neurotransmitter, is it any wonder that studies are finding that dementia and Alzheimer’s are accelerated?
In functional neurology, we treat sleep disorders by finding the cause. How do we do it?
(1) First, in a complete evaluation we can access how a very important part of the brain called the brain stem is working. Particularly an area of the brain stem called the Reticular Formation. If there is an overactive upper Reticular Formation, the person may not be able to fall asleep due to a drive to alertness. Chiropractic neurological adjustments targeted to stimulate one side of the lower Reticular Formation will help counteract the overactive upper Reticular Formation and create a drive to relax and sleep.
(2) If the origin of the insomnia is not in the Reticular Formation, there can be a metabolic problem involving adrenal glands, blood sugar, thyroid and other functions that may be interfering with sleep. The sleep problem may involve hypopnea or apnea as well. In any event, the long term solution is NEVER in a pharmaceutical sleep aid and the side effects may be worse than the insomnia.

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