August 2010

A March 2008 University of Chicago study was published in the prestigious Journal of Human Hypertension, and guess what? Something that I have clinically known for over 25 years of practice is now being validated in the lab. Chiropractic adjustments to the upper cervical spine (neck) lowers blood pressure. According to this preliminary study, blood pressure is lowered by an average of a whopping 17 points (the equivalent of 2 blood pressure medications.) How can this be? As a chiropractic neurologist, I can tell you that spinal adjustments INCREASE BRAIN FUNCTION and INHIBIT THE SYMPATHETIC NERVOUS SYSTEM (which causes high blood pressure). This is the reason for the dramatic decrease in blood pressure. Why do adjustments increase brain function? Because gravity is the greatest drive to not only the development of brain; but also, the maintaining of brain function throughout life. Spinal adjustment make gravity’s natural power to the brain amplified. How does this work? The adjustment, utilizing gravity’s pathway, is the most powerful kind of proprioceptive (touch) stimulation due to the fast stretch which stimulates muscle spindles and joint mechanoreceptors . Gravitational pathways are ALWAYS ON. Vision, hearing, smell, etc are not constantly “on” but gravity never turns off. The long lasting effects of proprioceptive stimulation compared to the other sensory simulations (vision, hearing, smell) is because gravity is ALWAYS ON and vision, hearing, and smell are not. Therefore the effects of the adjustment can be long lasting and powerful.
In addition, by increasing brain function naturally, there are no side effects creating the need for more drugs. I have seen some patients on 3-4 hypertensive drugs when they entered my office. Try safe, natural chiropractic neurology. Call our office today (303-986-7600) – you won’t regret it!

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Cholesterol is not only falsely accused of being a bad guy but is actually one of the best guys in the game. According to research, cholesterol is in every cell of you body and for good reason. Without it, you could not produce sex hormones, vitamin D, bile, etc. Get the picture-cholesterol is not only good, it is NECESSARY for health. Your total cholesterol is not an indicator of cardiovascular (CV) health. Rather it is the ratios of total cholesterol, HDL (good cholesterol), LDL (bad cholesterol), and just as importantly, triglycerides that determine CV risk. By artificially lowering you cholesterol through taking statins (google the side effects of Lipitor etc), you can cause inflammation leading to lowered serotonin levels, increased risk of cancer, depression, peripheral neuropathy, violence, and dementia not to mention liver damage. The only exceptions to this is a rare genetic disorder.

If you can’t bring yourself to go against big pharma and continue to take statin drugs, at least load up on high quality Ubiquinone (the most viable form of CO-Q 10) which restore the very important levels of CO-Q10 that the statin drugs have destroyed.

There is no controversy over this. Medical fact – statin drugs deplete CO-Q 10. Ask your doctor why he doesn’t have you taking it to counteract to effects of the statin drugs.

If you have wondered if chiropractic nutritionist approaches can help you, see a chiropractor or chiropractors. Better yet, see a chiropractic neurologist such as myself, Dr. Scott Brown.

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Those who have been to my wellness orientations will not find these studies surprising. Over the counter (OTC) drugs are deceptively packaged lower dosages of the higher octane prescription drugs, yet the dangerous side effects are similar and it takes more pills to achieve the same side effects. Violence, suicide, depression, death, etc. are documented effects in study after study. When you look at the trend to have greater and greater access to all kinds of drugs, it is no wonder that iatrogenesis (adverse effects of prescription drugs or doctor error) is the 3rd leading cause of death in the America. Remember, OTC’s are just lighter dosages of the prescription drugs.

Today we are concentrating on OTC soporifics or sleep aids and the effects on brain function. In the referenced article, let’s focus on the anticholinergic sleep aid drugs which destroy acetylcholine (the primary excitatory neurotransmitter that is responsible for memory). If one takes a drug that blocks effects of the most important memory neurotransmitter, is it any wonder that studies are finding that dementia and Alzheimer’s are accelerated?
In functional neurology, we treat sleep disorders by finding the cause. How do we do it?
(1) First, in a complete evaluation we can access how a very important part of the brain called the brain stem is working. Particularly an area of the brain stem called the Reticular Formation. If there is an overactive upper Reticular Formation, the person may not be able to fall asleep due to a drive to alertness. Chiropractic neurological adjustments targeted to stimulate one side of the lower Reticular Formation will help counteract the overactive upper Reticular Formation and create a drive to relax and sleep.
(2) If the origin of the insomnia is not in the Reticular Formation, there can be a metabolic problem involving adrenal glands, blood sugar, thyroid and other functions that may be interfering with sleep. The sleep problem may involve hypopnea or apnea as well. In any event, the long term solution is NEVER in a pharmaceutical sleep aid and the side effects may be worse than the insomnia.

Please visit my website -. If you are suffering from a sleep disorder. I wouldn’t be surprised if I was able to help.

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